Nutrition for the Growing Baby

Transition to solid food can be a happy, joyful experience! This class is for parents of infants 5 months and older. The following topics can be addressed:

  • Developmental milestones as they relate to feeding your baby
  • How to listen to your infant’s hunger and satiety cues
  • Comparison of homemade and store bought baby foods
  • The importance of family meals and offering new foods multiple times
  • What are “safe” finger foods for your baby
  • How to pick a booster or high chair for your baby
  • When to introduce possible food allergens
  • Timing of meals, snacks and breast/formula feedings
  • When and how to introduce a cup/straw
  • When to wean from a bottle

If you are interested in hosting this workshop contact Linda at or phone 857-636-0255.