Feeding & Nutrition for the Toddler/Preschool Years

Come attend a lively discussion on feeding and nutrition for the toddler/preschooler. Parents are under a lot of pressure to get feeding right.  We will discuss the parenting skills and knowledge that are critical to help make mealtimes a success for you and your child.  This class will cover the following topics:

  • Normal feeding behaviors
  • Teach your child to regulate intake according to their hunger and fullness
  • How to encourage positive mealtime behaviors and create healthy attitudes towards food
  • The importance of family meals and offering new foods multiple times
  • Your child’s temperament and feeding style and how it may be impacting your child’s mealtime behavior
  • Introducing new foods and how to avoid offering the same preferred foods.
    • How and when to offer new foods
  • Meal and snack patterns and portion sizes
  • How to be responsive and build trust with your child around mealtimes
  • Lunch and mealtime ideas
  • Suggestions for highchairs, cups, and straw cups