Nutrition for the Growing Baby

Make your baby’s transition to solid food a happy, joyful experience!  Come attend a lively discussion on feeding and nutrition for the young infant.  Bring your questions and concerns.  This class will cover the following topics:


  • Skills needed for successful infant feeding
  • Developmental milestones as they relate to feeding your baby
  • When to start solids
  • How a baby learns about food
  • Responsive Feeding and the “Trust Model of Feeding”
  • Approaches to starting solids
  • Hand to mouth skills
  • Types of foods
  • Where to feed baby
  • Helpful items for mealtimes
  • Timing of solid foods with breastfeeding or formula
  • Portion sizes of solids
  • When/how to introduce a cup and straw
  • Steps to transitioning from formula/breastmilk to cows or alternative milk
  • When/how to wean from bottle
  • Food Safety Issues