Baby-led weaning is feasible but could cause nutritional problems for minority of infants

Click on link above to read article from the Science Daily. It is an interesting article on the timing of the introduction of finger foods.  Reviews research on when infants are ready to start finger foods.  Some babies are able to go directly from breast milk or formula to finger foods  skipping pureed foods entirely. But there were a few infants in the study who were definitely not ready for this and needed to transition first to pureed baby foods before starting table foods.

The message I like parent’s to take from this study is that most but not all infants are usually ready sometime between 6 to 9 months to transition to finger foods.  If the infant was born premature or has been experiencing feeding difficulties prior to 6 months of age the parent will need to be more cautious with introducing finger foods.  It is important with any infant or young child to always be next to the child observing the feeding in case the infant should gag or choke on a food. Please talk with you Pediatrician or nutritionist if you have any questions about your infant’s transition to finger foods.

By 10 to 12 months of age most infants should be transitioned to mostly finger foods.

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