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Homemade Baby Food Purees

Recipes from  Cooking Light. Here are some great recipes for making homemade baby food for your infant. Although it takes more time to prepare homemade foods it is well worth the effort. Your baby will learn to like the taste of foods in their natural state without any added water and fillers.  Most major brands of jarred foods add water and thickeners to their  foods. While adding water and thickeners to the foods are not harmful to your baby these products can be nutritionally inferior to homemade foods. To read more on the subject here is a comprehensive report from the Center for Science in the Public interest:  Cheating Babies: Nutritional Quality and the Cost of Commercial Baby Food. They review all brands of baby foods and let you know which ones have less water and thickeners.

Baby-led weaning is feasible but could cause nutritional problems for minority of infants

Click on link above to read article from the Science Daily. It is an interesting article on the timing of the introduction of finger foods.  Reviews research on when infants are ready to start finger foods.  Some babies are able to go directly from breast milk or formula to finger foods  skipping pureed foods entirely.… Continue Reading