2 Responses to Harvard School of Public Heath Study results on BPA

  1. Our little lady grew up with the Dr. Brown’s BPA-polycarbonate bottles (after trying and rejecting several other brands). When our awareness increased and non-BPA bottles hit the market, we bought some of those …

    Only to discover that the new Dr. Brown’s bottles were BPA-free, but also unsterilizable. It’s OK now that our daughter has a great immune system, but I don’t know what we would have done earlier. How do you pick between hormone-like supplements or an increased threat of bacteriological containment?

    Another thing I’ve found interesting about BPA talks: The American discussion inevitably overlooks a huge body of research in Europe, as if European science and European babies somehow behaved differently.

  2. Hrm. Now it looks like the only kind they’re supposed to sell in the States is microwave sterilizable. I don’t know if ours had a warning not to -boil- them on the premise a portion of the pan could get hotter than 212F, or if we got the “other” type now only intended for international markets, polyamide, which apparently breaks down when subjected to radiation, e.g., microwave:

    They were definitely selling at least two different types. I’ll shut up now. =)