Why I recommend a booster seat?

  • The size of the booster is a better fit for kids 6 months to at least 3 years old. The tray of the booster is a better fit for most kids, it is the right height for finger feeding and drinking.
  • The booster just has a lap belt whereas the high chair has a 5 point restraint. The 5 point restraint can be overly restraining for the child. It doesn’t allow the child to move forward towards the food.
  • The booster seat takes up less room. Can be used on the floor or chair. Can be adjusted so the child has foot support. The booster places the child in an ergonomically correct position of 90 degrees, most high chairs have the child reclining slightly backward.
  • The booster seat is a better value. The Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat costs about $27.00.
  • If you really want a high chair the Svan chair is a good fit for small kids.
  • When a child is older you can consider upgrading to either the Euro II Chair or Stokke chair.

Go to feeding Resources to see links to booster seats and highchairs.

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